Claims Customer Service

Reporting Claims

MSMM provides the following claims reporting options at no cost to our customers:

Special Claims Handling Instructions

We listen very carefully to our clients and recognize their special needs. In order to ensure compliance with those special needs, we offer Special Claims Handling Instructions for easy reference for our clients and claim professionals. We will work with our Insureds to tailor their individual requirements for claims handling and immediately disseminate that information to the respective claim representatives who will handle their claims.

Claim Inquiry (CI)

Claim Inquiry is a web-based application that allows quick and easy access to claim files through MSMM's internet site, Our Insureds will have around the clock, 24-hour view-only access in a secure on-line environment that provides actual claim status reports, claim notes and financial information for every line of business written. Because Claim Inquiry was designed with our customers in mind, we believe it will be an invaluable, user-friendly tool.

All data contained in Claim Inquiry is encrypted for security purposes to prevent access by unauthorized users. As our customer and an authorized user of Claim Inquiry, you will have direct access to our system.

Consolidated Reporting Systems (CRS)

MSMM's website,, also provides our insured's, brokers and agents, using a secure ID and password, the ability to run summary claim reports and detail loss runs. The reports can be run in HTML, PDF or Excel format, giving customers the ability to customize and print the reports to suit their information needs.