Claims Service Center (CSC)

Centrally located in Cincinnati, Ohio, this specialized office focuses on:

  • Centralized Claim Intake - Timely claim initiation of all newly reported claims and assignment to the appropriate MSMM Claim Office:

    In an effort to simplify the claim reporting process, we have consolidated claim reporting to one location. All new claims are received in the CSC where a claim number is assigned and the claim is distributed to the appropriate MSMM Claim Office for handling.

  • Claims Processing Unit: Providing a full service of financial processing support for all Claim Offices which includes centralized check processing, wire transfers, 1099's, and reconciliation of all claim data and financial information provided by MSMM service partners via electronic data interchange.
  • Fast Track Unit: The CSC Fast Track Unit manages all Workers' Compensation Medical Only claims.
  • Centralized Customer Service Line: If our customers have any questions or require additional information about a claim, they can call the CSC Customer Service line at 866-MSMMCSC (866-676-6272) where we will either immediately answer the question, or direct the caller to the claim professional handling the claim. This number is serviced from 7AM to 7PM EST.
  • Recovery Services Unit: We refer all files with subrogation and/or recovery potential to the Recovery Services Unit for handling.