Report a Loss

What to Do When a Loss Occurs:

MSMM wants to make reporting losses as easy as possible. Therefore, an insured has the option to report a claim using their agent or broker, calling our toll free reporting numbers (866)MSMMUSA (866-676-6872), sending an Email to, or using our Internet Claim Reporting System. When a loss occurs, it is important to get the loss information to one of our claims professionals as quickly as possible.

Steps to take after a loss:

  1. The following information will need to be reported to your insurance carrier:
    • Specific Location Code (if applicable)
    • Date and Time of Occurrence
    • Name(s) of Injured Worker/Party/Driver/Property Owner
    • Pertinent Addresses and Phone Numbers
    • Exact Location of Occurrence
    • Description of What Happened and any Damage
    • Medical Provider Information
    • Witness Information
  2. Keep in touch with your claims professional

Need more information or for existing claims, please contact our Claims Service Center by calling (866)MSMMCSC (866-676-6272), or sending an Email to:

To register for an Interact Claims account, please call the Claims Service Center at 866-MSMMCSC (866-676-6272) or please email us at