Illinois Preferred Provider Program (PPP) and Employee Information

Dear Policyholder:

Under the Illinois workers' compensation system employers can create Preferred Provider Programs (PPP) for workers' compensation. MSIG is offering the availability of a PPP for our policyholders. To assist you in complying with the new regulations, we are providing the PPP Employee Notification Packet.

Here's what you need to know:

  • If enrolling in the PPP, it is mandatory for the employee to receive a complete copy of the PPP Employee Notification Packet at the time the injury is reported.
  • The PPP Employee Notification Packet includes the following:
    Employee Notification Letter - Exhibit B - mandatory to distribute at the time the injury is reported
    Employee Acknowledgment Signature Form (recommended) - Exhibit B-1 - used with PPP Employee Notification Packet (Exhibit B)
    Employee Opt Out Form (recommended) - Exhibit C - to be completed by employer, provided to MSIG claims adjuster. MSIG to provide to CorVel.
    Spanish Employee PPP Notification Packet
  • Finding an Illinois PPP Provider
    Go to
    Click "PPO Lookup"
    Login: MitSum      Password: Mitsui2015
    Click Search under "Find a Provider"
    Select a Network "State of Illinois PPP" from the drop down.
    Enter your parameters in the "Search Criteria box.
    Under Specialty select Physicians then Occupational Medicine or other specialty then click the Find Providers button.
    Or call (888) 594-4441
  • Opt Out Tracking
    If an employee does not want to use the PPP, they must notify the Employer in Writing.
    Employer/Policy Holder should keep an active log of opt out notices received.
    Please notify MSIG if the injured worker has opted out. This is very important to the claim handling process to ensure appropriate care is provided.

MSIG, believes that timely, early reporting of a claim is the best approach to containing your workers compensation costs and assuring your employees receive appropriate medical care. Participation in the PPP will help support medical cost containment and facilitate prompt return to work. If you are interested in participating, please notify MSIG.

Thank you for your cooperation.


PPP Program Goals and Objectives

  • To ensure that the injured worker receives quality, cost effective medical care
  • To ensure that medical care is geared toward expedient recovery
  • To ensure the appropriateness of hospitalization
  • To ensure an appropriate discharge plan
  • To channel injured employees to the PPP providers and physicians
  • To return the employee back to work as quickly as medically feasible

The PPP Helps Injured Workers

  • Quality, cost effective medical care
  • Expedite recovery
  • Appropriateness of hospitalization
  • Discharge plan
  • Channel to the network providers
  • Timely return to work

Employer Advantages

  • Manage cost, improve care
  • Reduce medical payout
  • Lifetime medical control of the claim
  • Timely recovery and return-to-work outcomes
  • Shorter TTD durations (Temporary Total Disability)
  • Assistance with implementation