Claim Inquiry

Claim Inquiry is a web-based application that allows quick and easy access to your claim files. You will have around the clock, 24-hour view-only access in a secure on-line environment that provides actual claim status reports, claim notes and financial information for every line of business written. Because Claim Inquiry was designed with you in mind, we believe you will find it an invaluable, user-friendly tool.

Claim Inquiry allows our customers direct, view-only access to active claim files on their account. Use it to secure daily access to a variety of claim information, including financial loss information, adjuster notes and status reports.

All data contained in Claim Inquiry is encrypted for security purposes to prevent access by unauthorized users. As our customer and an authorized user of Claim Inquiry, you will have direct access to our system.

To learn more about Claim Inquiry, please contact your local Mitsui Sumitomo Professional or send an Email to:

Internet Explorer users must run Claim Inquiry in compatibility mode.
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